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Displaced in 3rd World (Abandoned Tourist)

Just a reminder for my friend whom I idolize sincerely, Mr. Gonzalo as referred

I am interested in finding companionship with persons who live or plan on spending the rest of their years here in Mexsicko, I refer my situation as being DISPLACED, I am just over a half of century young, 100% Mexican but raised in the states, northern CA. proudly.

I would like to go back but highly unlikely due to the escalation of discrimination and racism. all or most of
my family lives in the U.S. citizens, I received my quotation marks GREEN CARD at the age of 6mo. but
never became a citizen due to lack of interest and or importance that I gave it but, what I did do at the age
of 18 is register to vote, draft and took CPR lessons as well as sign, register with the DMV to donate my organs
in case of a fatal accident.

It tires me just thinking of the process to go back to the US. Now I am looking for American cultured people to share the rest of my life with here in Tijuana until I buy my property looking in Rosarito hopefully in 2020,
God willing.


     If for some reason I forget to write, text or mention; all of this was and is inspired and motivated me to do all of this  by my dear friend Mr. Gonzalo as he wished to be reffered to.




                                                                                                Angel Zamora Anaya (AKA)

Your 2 cents sense scents 

E-MAIL:   Cel:  664 357 5157

This is me now
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This is me 30 years ago,


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